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Be bewildered by Raphael Mak’s Northern Sky, now out on Spotify and more!

Northern Sky by Raphael Mak, now on Spotify and more

After Northern Nights, a second album in the Northern series is out!

Northern Sky places you in the northern wilderness where the sky is quiet and dark. Stars, wind and aurora are your only companions. Transform your home into the wilderness of the Swedish north.

The piece for orchestra continues the ambient minimalist style used by Raphael Mak in his Northern series, delivering a timeless, transformative experience for listeners to escape from the stressful world.

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Northern Sky

Imagine you’re camping in a distant spot in the vast wilderness of Swedish Lappland. Look up to the sky. The sky is dark and quiet. Enjoy the cold wind. Wait for aurora.

Be transformed by this Northern Sky experience.

Artist/Composer/Producer: Raphael Mak

Released: 2020


  1. Northern Sky



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Taken at Skanör, Scania County, Sweden.

P.S. Speaking of aurora, why not discover Norrsken OK, the new orienteering club in Stockholm (Norrsken meaning aurora)?