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Round the Island Again 再來環島行

RTI returns with ELECTRONIC MUSIC!!! 環島行以電子音樂形式強勢回歸!!!

20 July 2018 8pm | Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall 香港大會堂演奏廳

RTI Again

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再來環島行 Round The Island Again (優惠票價 Concessionary Tickets)
優惠票價: 全日制學生、六十歲或以上長者、殘疾人士及其看護人、綜援受惠人 Concessionary tickets: Student (full time), Senior Citizens (aged 60 or above), People with Disabilities (and the minder), CSSA recipients
HK$50.00 50
再來環島行 Round The Island Again (正價 General Admission) HK$100.00 50

Past Events

Round the Island 環島行

round the island poster v201706014

Orienteeering Music 定向音樂

31 December 2016 | Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall 香港大會堂演奏廳 | Programme booklet

OMusic poster 20161122.png

Programme 曲目 (作曲 Composer: 麥睿勤 Raphael Mak)
SI Piece for sound-emitting control units 為控制點而作的樂曲
Orienteering Suite 定向組曲
1. The Stream Down the Re-entrant
2. The Rain Dripping
3. The Changing-unchanging Landscape
4. Runners Criss-crossing the Forest
5. The Open Ground and Lake
6. We Met in the Forest

Intermission 中場休息

Flute Sonata (Bowen Road) First Movement 長笛奏鳴曲 (寶雲道) 第一樂章
Pokfulam Short Piece 薄扶林短曲
The Orienteering Song 定向歌
An Orienteering Auld Lang Syne 定向友誼萬歲

Performers 表演者
William kat-ho Fu 傅吉豪 – Piano 鋼琴
Chung Yik Lok, Claire 鍾奕洛 – Soprano; Violin 女高音; 小提琴
Tsui Chung Yan 徐頌昕 – Alto 女低音
Raphael Mak 麥睿勤 – Tenor; Flute 男高音; 長笛
Holden Lo 盧子陶- Bass 男低音

Raphael Mak Graduation Recital

10 July 2015 | Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall 香港大會堂演奏廳 | Programme booklet


Programme 曲目
Raphael MAK Flute sonata, 1st movement 麥睿勤 長笛奏鳴曲 第一樂章
Raphael MAK Mental Impromptu Fantasy 麥睿勤 Mental Impromptu Fantasy
Carl NIELSEN Flute concerto 尼爾森 長笛協奏曲

Intermission 中場休息

Pierre TANG Little Tonalities 鄧朗淘 Little Tonalities
Raphael MAK Night with Firefly* 麥睿勤 Night with Firefly*
Jan NOVAK Sonata Super “Hozon Zes…” 諾維克 大奏鳴曲

Performers 演出者
Raphael MAK 麥睿勤 Flute 長笛
Pierre TANG 鄧朗淘 Piano 鋼琴
FUNG Yat Shan Clarinet 單簧管
Raymond WONG 黃允明 Viola 中提琴
Jonathan CHAN Cello 大提琴
*Tsz Ying YU 余芷螢 Flute 長笛 Raphael MAK 麥睿勤 Piano 鋼琴